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This is important.

The hospital told the family and the news media Sarah would die in a few months without their treatments. Isaac Keim, the Amish bishop, said Akron General Hospital told him the same thing a year ago when he had cancer. He refused chemotherapy and took a more natural approach and he feels just fine. He knows other Amish people still living healthy several years after they were told they would be dead in a few months if they did not accept the cancer treatments being recommended.

Lost Business for the Hospital

ACH will lose as much as $1,000,000 or more by not treating Sarah the full 110 weeks in this study and, according to our sources close to the case, has already billed $130,000 for the first five weeks. Add to this the various pediatric cancer research grants and other funds it is receiving directly or indirectly for this type of study. This is not counting the billings for treatments for the long-term side effects such as other cancers, kidney dysfunction, heart problems and nerve damage—all common for those that survive chemotherapy.

Isaac Keim has said the Amish community in Ohio is turning away from the hospital and its 80 area locations. Many of them are now going elsewhere, he says. Andy says the hospital will not want people to hear about how they have been mistreated and especially the fact that Sarah is fully back to normal now—just in about two months.

This is not a religious issue; the Amish accepts modern medicine—as did the Hershbergers wanting Sarah to start chemotherapy. This case is about the rights of good parents having the freedom to choose other treatment options that are less expensive and possibly more effective. This case is about the power of corporations over individual rights to decide which medical treatments and experiments for children and adults must undergo.

Here's a bit more from David Michael:

Notes on the Business of Cancer: Cancer treatment is a $150 billion per year industry. There are 12,000 clinical trials for cancer treatments currently ongoing.There are 900 cancer drugs in development since most of the existing drug patents are expiring– they are not FDA approved yet and are in clinical trials. Nearly 250 Ohio based cancer research projects funded through NCI alone– over $100 million–mainly through state universities. U.S. leukemia research this year is $239 million for NHI alone for 923 studies with $27 million going to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Source: Amish Girl Being Forced into Experimental Chemotherapy Taken Out of US and Recovers with Natural Treatment | Journal of Natural Food and Health

We really need to stop getting only one side of the story. We need data covering the whole range of healing practices. We must stop letting money dictate. When natural methods work, we need to hear about it and often in the mainstream media and whether the huge drug companies like it or not. It's a matter of life and death. We must put the lives of people above the greed of others.

Is she truly fully recovered? That's the only thing the courts should be interested in determining. If she is, then the prior orders should be rescinded immediately. If she isn't but has made true progress, then the natural treatment might need to be continued and enhanced is all. We need the facts. We need the whole truth.

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