Liars! Grocery Manufacturers Association on GMO-labeling-initiative I-522, Washington State


Tom Usher

Pamela G. Bailey, President and CEO of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) writes that "(GMOs) are safe, good for the environment, reduce the cost of food and help feed a growing global population of seven billion." Source: Grocery Manufacturers Association Statement Regarding I-522 Election Results in Washington State - PR Newswire - The Sacramento Bee


Safe? Then why did lab rats tested in France end up with huge cancers when they were tested longer than what the GMO companies reportedly did in their tests given to the FDA? Why didn't Monsanto and the others test the animals until they died? Why didn't they want to give such testing results to the FDA and the American people? Why did they attack the scientists in France who actually did the right thing? There's only one logical conclusion: greed and sociopathy.

Good for the environment? Then why are yield falling and super weeds developing? Why did tens of thousands of Indian farmers kill themselves when their farming businesses were destroyed by GMO crops? Why is GMO DNA contaminating organic crops wherever those GMO's are grown where pollen can be carried on the wind and by insects, etc.?

Helping to feed a growing global population? As I asked above, why are yields falling? Why is it becoming more and more expensive for farmers to continue using GMO seeds? Why are more and more chemical fertilizers and pesticides having to be applied, which chemicals are toxic and end up spreading (further harming the environment) do to runoff, etc.?

If GMO's in non-organic foods are not labeled the way salt is labeled and if people get sick, how will epidemiologists be able to trace the source of the sickness back to GMO's in foods? Say ten million people start coming down with something. The researchers will want to know what they might all have in common. One thing they ask is what the people have been eating. Did they eat GMO's or really natural foods? It won't be known without Herculean efforts.

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