GMO labeling lost in Washington State because people were afraid to stand all the way up!

Unlike the ballot initiatives in California and Washington, where broad-based coalitions were only able to reach consensus on watered-down messages of "consumer right-to-know," while sidestepping the more volatile issues of food safety and environmental destruction, we need to broadcast and repeat over and over again the justifiably alarming message of leading organic and natural health groups: We need to know if our foods are tainted with GMOs because there is mounting scientific evidence that genetically engineered foods are dangerous to human health, animals and the environment.

If anyone has any doubts about this mounting scientific evidence, you can point them to the respected website,, where scores of independent, peer-reviewed scientists sound the alarm. Or to this statement signed by 230 scientists and physicians.

We need labels on genetically engineered seeds, animal feed and human foods so that we can track the damage that they are already doing. We need labels on GE foods so that we can boycott them in the marketplace.

An example of how this more radical message is a winning strategy is the GMO labeling campaign in Vermont, where labeling advocates have not been afraid to point out that genetically engineered foods and crops are dangerous. The only reason the Vermont legislature has not dared to pass a law yet (this will likely change in a few months) is the repeated threat of Monsanto's henchmen/women to sue the state in federal court if they dare to pass a law.


Tom Usher

So that's what happened in the State of Washington. I was wondering why the TV ads for labeling were so pathetically weak. Where were the photos of the rats with huge tumors? Where was the documentation from the French study and all the other proof that GMO's make creatures sick, make the whole environment sick?

Thank you, Ronnie Cummins, GMO labeling lost in Washington State because people were afraid to stand all the way up! for writing this piece explaining why Monsanto "won" in Washington. If the labeling advocates hadn't been cowards, we'd have a labeling law in Washington.

Anyone who won't tell it like it is won't get another dime from me. In fact, I'll speak out against them for coddling Monsanto (et al.), the most evil corporation on the planet (and that's saying a great deal).

Did the Anti-GMO Movement Really Lose in Washington? | Common Dreams

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