France's Iran Nuclear Deal Conditions Too Much

France has set four conditions for an interim deal: put all Iranian nuclear installations under international surveillance, suspend 20 percent uranium enrichment, reduce existing enriched uranium stocks and stop construction of a heavy water plant at Arak that could potentially produce weapons-grade plutonium.

Source: France's Fabius says West must stand firm in Iran nuclear talks | Reuters


Tom Usher

Frankly, Iran shouldn't be being put through any of this. That said, I believe Iran would agree to having all Iranian nuclear installations under international surveillance. That's more than Israel will do concerning its nuclear program that definitely is a nuclear-weapons program.

Iran should not be asked to do more than that given that there is zero evidence Iran has a nuclear-weapons program, Iran is a member of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, has the legal right under international law to pursue peaceful nuclear development that includes 20% enrichment for medical isotopes, and is ready and willing to compromise to a reasonable degree with the "powers" to show it is not working on weapons. Asking it to do more is onerous and greatly insults decent international relations, policies, and practices.

With Iran under full on-site international surveillance of all facilities, what could they get away with, assuming they would even want to (which I don't), that they couldn't under all of France's conditions? Nothing.

It is time to end the saber rattling. It is time to make peace. It is time for the war-mongers to be told to shut up.

Working with Iran rather than against it could greatly facilitate peacemaking in Syria and elsewhere. Working with Iran could work to open up and relax the harder-line aspects of the Islamic regime.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

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