Britain's Tories Shun EU Plan to Aid Unemployed Youth to Recovery

The Tories are harming Britain's youth.

Youth Unemployment And The Faux European Recovery

John Weeks

Youth unemployment provides an indication of how disastrous and tragic have been the effects of the euro crisis. Underlying the two charts below is a tale of countries in which the productive potential of the future is undergoing inexorable deterioration. Without work, educated young people lose their skills. Unable to enter training programs because of public expenditure cuts, they cannot obtain the skills which would underpin recovery should it occur. Out of work and out of school, they face lives of idle desperation in which criminality beckons as a false exit from destitution.

... For all but the true disciples of the austerity doctrine, it defies belief that in the twenty-first century those leading the euro zone could sleep at night with well over half the youth in a member country left idle with no prospects.

... In response to the appalling conditions indicated by the charts above, the European Union in April of this year created the Youth Guarantee Scheme (details here). The program commits the European Union to the ensuring

"that all young people under 25 – whether registered with employment services or not – get a good-quality, concrete offer within 4 months of them leaving formal education or becoming unemployed (emphasis in the original)."

Good-quality offer

"should be for a job, apprenticeship, traineeship, or continued education and be adapted to each individual need and situation (emphasis in original)."

The EU budget allocates funds for the scheme, and implementation requires member governments to create national schemes. The cost-benefit numbers are staggering, a total cost of 21 billion euro annually, compared to the loss of personal earnings, benefits and taxes of 153 billion. The ultra-prudent government of Finland has already implemented first of the schemes.

Surely, no government would fail to take advantage of such a financially sound and potentially effective program to bring work, training and hope to its youth. But, one has, the coalition government in the United Kingdom. So strong is the anti-EU ideology in the Conservative Party that the last thing these Little England troglodytes want is concrete evidence that the European Union can serve the general welfare. And young people in Britain are the losers.

Youth Unemployment And The Faux European Recovery

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