Glenn Greenwald's Anarchy Problem

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Glenn Greenwald's Anarchy Problem

Glenn Greenwald

And if you look at how tyrannies have used surveillance in the past, they don't use surveillance in support of their tyranny in the sense that every single person is being watched at all times, because that just logistically hasn't been able to be done. Even now it can't be done -- I mean, the government can collect everybody's e-mails and calls, but they don't have the resources to monitor them all. But what's important about a surveillance state is that it creates the recognition that your behavior is susceptible to being watched at any time. What that does is radically alter your behavior, because if we can act without other people watching us, we can test all kinds of boundaries, we can explore all kinds of creativity, we can transgress pretty much every limit that we want because nobody's going to know that we're doing it. That's why privacy is so vital to human freedom.

But if we know we're being watched all the time, then we're going to engage in behavior that is acceptable to other people, meaning we're going to conform to orthodoxies and norms. And that's the real menace of a ubiquitous surveillance state: It breeds conformity; it breeds a kind of obedient citizenry, on both a societal and an individual level. That's why tyrannies love surveillance, but it's also why surveillance literally erodes a huge part of what it means to be a free individual.
And a big part of it is anonymity, because that kind of freedom is possible only if you're secure in knowing that the conversations you're exploring, the kind of ideas you're testing out, the identities you're assuming in order to gain entrance to certain places or to see how people are reacting to you in different circumstances is possible only if you're able to do that anonymously.

Saving the Net from the surveillance state: Glenn Greenwald speaks up (Q&A) | Politics and Law - CNET News


Tom Usher

It's no secret that Glenn is a homosexual. It's no secret that I'm opposed to homosexuality. It's also no secret that I've often linked to, quoted, blogged, etc., in a favorable way concerning lots of Glenn Greenwald's work, writings, video interviews, and so on.

This particular interview though is fairly unsettling in a negative way. The title somewhat suggests where I'm going with it.

Anarchy isn't bad to the anarchists. It's liberating. There are even people who consider themselves Christian anarchists. I understand where that comes from. In true Christianity, there's no government over one and all save righteousness in the heart and mind reflected in words and deeds, always. That's why Glenn's statements are negative to me.

Glenn doesn't hold what I consider to be righteous as righteous. He views where I draw the line on morality as denying him the freedom to engage in what he may think is at least quite risky, maybe even harmful for sure, but he just wants to do it, to be "free" to do it.

The subject or focus of the interview is against the "surveillance state" a far cry from the state of heart and mind I have in mind and mentioned above. However, just because that surveillance state, headed up by Barack Obama, is fraught with inherent evils itself doesn't mean that every reason given under the Sun against it is a good argument.

I'm not suggesting for a second that Glenn Greenwald wouldn't instantly point out that he's not advocating for an anything-goes "anarchy." After all, he's been opposed to the imperialistic wars waged by the US also because they kill innocent people: war crimes. Therefore, to suggest that he'd be okay with people killing others for the creative experience of it would be to assume he's totally insane rather than just off here and there. To be sure though, no one's perfect in this here and now, at least not yet.

Just where Glenn thinks the lines should be drawn though is worrisome. Exactly how libertine does he want society to become? He's being given an even larger megaphone now, so this matters a great deal.

He's a perception creator who doesn't have a problem with deceiving people about his identity so he may be what he calls creative. Is that really where we want to go as humanity? It's not where I want to go. I'm interested in shaping a world where deception is unheard of.

Maybe this world "belongs" more to the Glenn Greenwalds and his enemies who head up the Empire(s) than it does to me. Of course that's the case. It's always easy to tell by the numbers on the various sides. I don't see that "ownership" as a permanent situation though, even if I give up the ghost before my spirit prevails in the human spirit. Deception, the devious way, will die. It will die out of humanity. Glenn won't like it, but I will love it. I wish it were already here.

I know the NSA was watching me. I knew they were doing their dragnet spying. It's on this blog from years ago, and it began years before that. I let them know that I knew. I acted in ways that they couldn't miss it. Edward Snowden has vindicated nearly everything I wrote about what the secular state was doing and still is, though even more compartmentally. I'm not with the NSA, but I'm not with Glenn Greenwald either. They're both wrong.

Peace, love, and truth.... There's no truth in deception. There's no peace or love at the end of it either, only death of the soul.

By the way, Glenn, God is watching. You're not hidden. Repenting is good for the soul. I speak from repetitive experience in that department.

Here's an update:

I find a great deal of merit in that video. Let me add though that I do not agree with Sibel Edmonds that porn is okay (if that's what she meant). She may have meant that the state shouldn't coerce people (adults) concerning it. I advocate that people freely choose to forgo pornography, to get rid of it, to never supply it, etc. It is a dangerous addiction that leads to a host of ills.

I also firmly believe that Jesus Christ existed, still does, and was, and remains, the ultimate Truther.

Is the divide between the Glenn Greenwald camp and the Sibel Edmonds camp that of "Progressives" versus "Libertarians"? The lines are not always clear there, but do exist. There are camps within camps, of course; but one line within both is over Zionism.

It's quite often the case that while sometimes being critical of Zionism, Progressives find it "expedient" to protect Jews from racism by way of being soft on Zionism. It isn't necessary to be soft on Zionism while being foursquare against racism though.

Let those issues be added to the discussion as well.

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