Don't do it: "Iran quits N-talks to protest US blacklist move" - DAWN.COM

Let's hope the following is somewhat correct:

... senior administration officials argued that Thursday's blacklistings were carried out within the framework of the existing sanctions regime, which had forced Tehran to the negotiating table, and did not constitute new measures.

The blacklisting of a dozen additional foreign firms and individuals for evading US sanctions was widely seen as a way to head off moves in Congress to impose additional sanctions that would be in clear breach of the Geneva agreement.

Source: Iran quits N-talks to protest US blacklist move - DAWN.COM


Tom Usher

We advise the Iranians to press on with the negotiations. The Zionists, the neocons, would love nothing more than for the Iranians to refuse to continue negotiating with the US over this. Iran should not give them the satisfaction of derailing the talks.

If Iran will return to the table, the US will make it up to Iran later. It will also give the US immediate ammunition to be able to say to the Zionists that Iran is bending over backwards to make a good deal all the way around. It will seriously diminish or even take completely away one of Netanyahu's talking points.

Don't be rash, Iran. Don't react with a knee jerk. Remain calm and focused on the end deal, not the small obstacles thrown in your path. Let the Zionists be the immature ones all by themselves.

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