Pope Francis on Rush Limbaugh & Marxism/Capitalism

This is the most salient sentence from Francis on the issue:

La Stampa - The promise was that when the glass was full, it would overflow, benefitting the poor. But what happens instead, is that when the glass is full, it magically gets bigger nothing ever comes out for the poor.

Source: La Stampa - "Never be afraid of tenderness"

I find myself split about Pope Francis. I disagree with his statements about homosexuality, atheists, and now ecumenism. However, I fully agree with his statement above about the glass getting magically bigger. He's nailed it.

Rush Limbaugh is extremely rich for doing pretty much nothing but driving advertising and for spreading rather ignorant views, not always but the vast majority of the time such as by saying that Francis is a Marxist.

On this site, I have made quite clear that I am a Christian and, therefore, spiritually a communist but certainly not a Marxist. Unlike Pope Francis, I won't say that I've met good Marxists, as I can't help but think of Jesus saying that only one is good: God. I understand that Francis is speaking in relative terms though. There are Marxists who do genuinely feel for the poor and want to lift them.

As for Limbaugh, he'll regurgitate the hackneyed statements about capitalism creating more wealth and lifting more from poverty than any other system ever. Well, capitalism has always put its boot on the backs of the necks of any who want to do things cooperatively rather than competitively. That's because if cooperation were to be allowed to flourish unmolested by capitalism, it would do better than capitalism in every respect. The superrich wouldn't be superrich relative to everyone else because everyone would be living in super abundance.

The sociopathic streak in the likes of Rush Limbaugh just wouldn't be egotistically satisfied with that. It's an illness of the heart and soul.

Now, what Pope Francis can do is come to understand that the Roman Catholic Church stifled communal living among the laypeople. It only allowed the religious orders to live communally or communistically.

He should read about the Christian Commons Project and see that Christians should live on the land and work it to bring forth for Christianity which necessarily includes bringing forth for the poor. When I say Christians there, I mean those now in the pews and those who have left the pews because of the historically stifling acts of the various denominations.

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