After Utah same-sex marriage ruling, Slippery Slope tilts more

Concerning this After same-sex marriage ruling, Utah seeks to maintain status quo | The Salt Lake Tribune:


Tom Usher

So, when will polygamy be a constitutionally protected right? When will the age of consent be dropped altogether because everyone, including children of all ages, have to be afforded equal rights with adults? Does that include driving cars? When will pedophiles be treated on par with homosexuals as a constitutionally protected class? They've already been deemed to have a "mere" sexual orientation rather than a mental illness. Were they too supposedly born that way, all of them? Not one was molested into it and just being the victim become victimizer?

Where will all of this anarchy end or will it? If the pattern holds, then nearly everything all the permissive youths are saying today that they would never allow will end up being allowed when they are older even over their objections. They'll look back at their youth and say that things were better when society hadn't yet slipped farther down into the cess of anything-goes amorality, utter Godlessness.

President Putin of Russia recently said that judges making rulings that run contrary to what the vast majority of the people want is undemocratic. Here Utah has it's law overturned by a solitary judge who, based upon a bad US Supreme Court decision by Anthony Kennedy falsely claiming that Texas didn't have a compelling state reason to disallow sodomy, simply decides that homosexuals can't be denied the right to marry each other. Well, if Texas didn't have a compelling reason, if the slide into decadence isn't a reason to forbid something under the law, then what's the compelling reason to forbid pedophilia? The same argument against homosexuality pertains to pedophilia. If it didn't stand up concerning homosexuality, surely it can't stand concerning pedophilia or bestiality or necrophilia or ... name your poison. Name your cess.

Okay, so I'm a Christian and don't believe that the secular system is right anyway. Why am I speaking on this? It's your system. I'm saying that homosex is a fundamental error. I'm saying that no one should choose to err. I'm not out shooting people who err, as such shooting would be erring on my part.

This is why I'm just passing through. This is not my home. The flesh is weak though the spirit may be willing.

The deck is stacked here. The innocent are born into steadily progressing decadence. They are subject to abuse to one degree and type or another. It hardens every single one of them. The pain and suffering and stress, etc., inflicted on humans by humans, diminishes the potential of everyone and of the whole. In the meantime, homosexual activists are too busy falsely imagining that they are doing the right thing even though even Godless science says that homosexuality is fraught with problems over and above those of heterosexuality and regardless of whether homosexuals are "accepted and affirmed" by the rest of society.

Heaven help us!

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