Childhood Sexual-Abuse and Male Homosexuality

This is important information for those who don't know that childhood, homosexual sexual-abuse very often imprints homosexuality onto the victim who would otherwise have been fully heterosexual.

My driven personality which manifested itself in frenzied religious activity was fueled by anger. Anger at my abuser. Anger at my family for not protecting me. Anger at myself for not fighting harder. Anger at the church for providing no safe place. Anger at God for allowing the abuse and "making me this way".

When I finally attached all of my anger to the offenses against me and the lies I was believing and released them all to God at the cross, recognizing that they were paid for... completely, I gradually gained freedom from the anger which freed me from the striving and allowed me to rest.

Rev. Perdue explains that being honest with himself, talking to others about the events of his childhood, and finding safe places to come to terms with the effects of the abuse in his life were very important for him. He says, "This was huge for me. I had kept this all bottled up inside of me for so long. The abuse, the lust, the same-sex attraction, the shame... it was crippling me."

Source: Childhood Sexual Abuse and Male Homosexuality | CitizenLink


Tom Usher

The linked article is fairly detailed and well documented.

Change is possible.

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