Video: Brown schools Piers Morgan on biblical view of homosexuality

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It was not a good night for Piers Morgan's prepared talking points on Robertson's controversial statements about homosexuality, as two of his three panelists would not allow him any wiggle room on his false premises and biblical misconceptions.

Michael Brown has it exactly right!

He and I came to the exact same conclusions independently. We aren't the only ones. People who read the Bible in-depth and focus upon the words of Jesus as to how they do or don't apply to situations and who don't manipulate them for preconceived reasons, invariably conclude that Jesus was absolutely opposed to homosexuality.

Watch the video. Then read my brief comment below.

Dr. Michael Brown schools Piers Morgan on biblical view of homosexuality. CNN. 12/19/2013 - YouTube

Jesus's words: "For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies." (Matthew 15:19)


Tom Usher

As I've said for many years now, absolutely no homosexual could engage in sex with someone of the same sex without violating the prohibition against adultery or fornication.

It was not possible for a homosexual to be legally married to anyone of the same sex. Jesus carved out zero exceptions for homosexuality.

Secular and religious sanctioning of homosexual marriage is anti-Christ. There's no way around it. This is not a figurative usage. Jesus is being literal in the common understanding of that term "literal."

When fornication, that is πορνεία, transliterated as porneia, is used figuratively, it is alluding back to the literal. Both are evil. When idolatry is condemned figuratively or metaphorically as porneia (adultery, fornication, including harlotry, homosexuality, and bestiality, etc.), it doesn't relieve the homosexual of the sin of homosexuality. It doesn't contextually narrow the sin to idolatry. It means that going after other gods is as bad as homosexuality, etc.

This is fundamental. It is a huge error to claim Jesus and/or Paul were referring only to idolatry as being wicked and not that the root word/concept being alluded to was not also wicked. Were it otherwise, the figurative impact would also be its opposite. If idolatry is as homosexuality while homosexuality is acceptable in the eyes of God, then idolatry would also be acceptable.

If you can't comprehend this very basic concept, I'm sorry for you; but there's no way around it. You either grasp it and think correctly on it, or you live in ignorance on the matter.

I don't say this to offend you. The truth about Jesus's words vis-a-vis homosexuality as I've outlined them above is inescapable; and if you will receive it, it will set you free.

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