Thom Hartmann's Confusion About Homosexuality

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Thom, you're trying to couch the issue in a way that is illogical. A person with a loaded, functioning gun in his hand confronted by someone has a choice of shooting that person or not. However, there are people who can't do it, can't shoot another person. The same thing pertains to homosexuality or bisexuality.

A person can be confronted and even tempted to some degree by homosexuality but choose not to do it because he can't bring himself to violate whatever it is that holds him back, as with not firing the gun even though he might be killed by the other person. The degree of temptation will vary from one person to another from not at all to almost caving in to it. Regardless, temptation doesn't make one the thing the one rejects.

Trying to suggest to everyone who says that engaging in homosexual behavior is a choice that one should not make is therefore a bisexual is, frankly, confused.


Tom Usher

As for kids committing suicide, you've not gotten to the root cause. You've bought into the "born that way" meme, even though identical twin studies clearly show that the environment is the central cause of homosexuality. Childhood homosexual sexual-abuse is a huge factor for many homosexuals. They are conditioned into it. You could be conditioned into it whether you think so or not. Regardless, the degree genetics plays is not known, but it's certainly not a high percentage within homosexuals as a group.

You also focus on suicides but don't discuss the flood of diseases that come with especially males having anal and oral sex with each other. The mental state that develops from the repeated behavior itself creates and reinforces promiscuity and other risky behaviors. The youths and adults know full well about condoms but deliberately go without them.

You're ignoring the disease. Both APA's were wrong to reverse their positions concerning homosexuality.

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