A Brief Update on Hermaphroditism, Intersexism, and Homosexuality

Is a person who is intersex a hermaphrodite?

I never thought of the term "hermaphrodite" as stigmatizing. The term "intersex" will also be stigmatizing if the intersex people let it be. Regardless, if it helps to avoid confusion concerning "fully" both sexes, I'm fine with applying the term "intersex."

Here's something to ponder. When people advocate for homosexuality because they claim it is genetic (despite identical-twin studies that point in the opposite direction), they sometimes raise the issue of intersex people. Afterall, don't those intersex people show that genetics isn't cut and dried, that there is a range genetically from 1) as male as one can be to 2) as female as one can be and likely all the varying degrees between those two poles?

It's an interesting point to consider. I've considered it many times myself.

Intersex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaWhat's really interesting though concerning intersex people vis-a-vis homosexuality is that there are some intersex people who gender identify as male and who claim a homosexual orientation. Think about that. There are some intersex individuals who gender identify as female and claim to be lesbian.

It certainly doesn't prove homosexuality is genetic. Does it help the Homosexual Movement to point to such people?

If intersex people were to never identify as homosexual, that might have some bearing upon those who are not seen right now as clearly intersex but might still have some underlying, as yet to be identified, intersexism to them.

I'd like to see more information about the environments in which these homosexual intersex individuals were brought up, not just their homes but also their outside experiences. Would any or all of the same environmental factors apply to them as with non-intersex homosexuals?

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