Tom's take on: Vatican says Pope's comments on 'gay' couples don't mark policy change

He's going to have to come out clearly opposed to homosexuality. He's made a serious mistake knowingly allowing the wrong signals to be sent, adding to confusion.

...the Vatican indicated that Francis' comments were more about reaching out to a changing society than giving it a stamp of approval.

Tom's take on: Vatican says Pope's comments on 'gay' couples don't mark policy change"Speaking of an 'opening to gay couples' is paradoxical because the pope's speech was totally general and because even the small concrete example given by the Pope (a girl who is sad because her mother's girlfriend doesn't love her) alludes directly to the suffering of the children," Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told Vatican Radio.

On Dec. 29, a leading bishop said Francis was "shocked" by planned legislation in Malta that would allow gay couples to adopt children.

Bishop Charles Scicluna of Malta denounced same-sex adoption in his Christmas sermon, then told the Sunday Times of Malta that he had shared his concerns about the issue with Francis on Dec. 12. Francis, he said, had "encouraged" him to speak out.

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