Public Banking & United States Notes: Prosperity For Main Street, Not Wall Street

When coupled with debt-free United States Notes versus interest-loaded Federal Reserve Notes, public banking would result in the biggest economic boom in US and even world history and do so without resulting in a bust. It would take some very simple policies to be adhered to: pegging the money supply to real growth (not mere financial growth: "Wall Street") and pegging it to the velocity with which the currency moves through the system.


Tom Usher

It could be done via open source computer software created by open source volunteers (the safest kind there is when the source code is completely open and the largest population of most knowledgable and experienced coders is looking at it together to make sure that no one cheats the whole of us). That's all.

We could immediately pay off the National Debt while guarantying that nobody falls through any cracks but rather that everyone's basic needs are met for a truly good quality of life.

The central bank of the United States needs to be a public bank.

The currency of the United States needs to be the notes of the United States government, not some quasi/pseudo agency (the Fed) first and foremost serving the commercial banking sector at the expense of all the rest, the People, who are to own their government.

Prosperity For Main Street, Not Wall Street - YouTube

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