Xq28: Not Shown as THE Why of Male Homosexuality

It is important to understand that we have long said that genetics may predispose some males to being more susceptible to environmental influences/temptations, etc., leading to the confusion/disorder that is homosexuality.

Xq28: Not Shown as THE Why of Male HomosexualityXq28 has not been shown to make anyone homosexual. How many heterosexuals have Xq28?

It is also incorrect to state that genetics (Xq28) "influences" homosexuality in the absence of environmental causes (all other things being equal).

Many in the homosexual movement, led by knee-jerk hyper-activists, will attempt to distort the information in the public mind, attempt to get the general population to falsely conclude that the issue is closed and that homosexuality is genetic. They tried doing that for decades, but the issue was reopened by the hard work and dedication of those who seek to impart the real and whole truth to the whole of humanity.

Absolutely no genetics or epigenetics will result in defining homosexuality by itself. That's because environmental and social factors in direct conjunction with one's conscious decisions/choices do causally influence whether one is or isn't homosexual or bi-sexual, do train, and can retrain/recondition/reprogram, the mind and body (the very matter/material).

It is with all of that in mind that you should read the following: Being homosexual is only partly due to gay gene, research finds - Telegraph.

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