Is the President Allowed to Kill Anyone He Wants? Tell him.

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Tom Usher

You are also not allowed to kill whomever you want in foreign countries, especially in countries that have said they don't want the US killing people there and especially in countries concerning which the US has not constitutionally declared war.

Laws passed by the House and Senate and signed by the President that run contrary to the US Constitution and also international law to which the US is signatory are not valid.

You have been responsible for the deaths of many innocents when going after those you say were, or are, "suspected" this, that, or the other.

When you can say beyond the shadow of doubt that someone is going to attack the US and that you will not kill or injure innocents in the process, then maybe you can obtain legal authorization to act outside declared war.

If the legislature and you want you to have the power to kill people overseas, declare war. Do it officially, constitutionally. Otherwise, you're an outlaw even under the secular law when you kill people and should be immediately impeached and removed from office and tried and convicted for murder.

Tell him here: Is the President Allowed to Kill Anyone He Wants?

Tom Usher

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