German media correct U-turn on Ukraine

This reflects a better-educated, more sober analysis:

German media correct U-turn on UkraineAccording to on-the-ground reports, a slew of WDR services – WDR Eins Life, WDR 2, WDR 4 – and live news channel N24 have revised their take on the Ukrainian crisis overnight, going from the Ukraine-under-Russian-siege rhetoric to detailed coverage of pro-Russian protests that have fanned out across Crimea and scuffles between rival groups in the country's east.
Meanwhile, comments that appear on the websites of Germany's most influential online magazines seem to disagree with the country's official stand, with Spiegel readers talking about evident illegitimacy of Ukraine's new self-proclaimed rulers and Russia's intrinsic right to defend its military facilities in Crimea, which serves as the home base of its Black Sea Fleet.

Source: German media making U-turn on Ukrainian tug-o'-war?

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