"Svoboda and the History of Ukrainian Nationalism" in 2 Parts

This is quite a good overview. Be sure to listen to both part through to the end. The groundwork is laid for the explanation at the end of the second part concerning just how fascist the uprising was.

Historian Per Rudlging discusses the influence of the Ukrainian right-wing nationalist party Svoboda and the historical roots of Ukrainian nationalism.

Part 1

Part 2

From that, you hear that the far-right was approximately 33% of the approximately 60% who wanted a regime change due largely to the deep corruption of the Viktor Yanukovych administration. So the far-right is about 20%?


Tom Usher

This is not to say that I buy the US mainstream narrative. I don't. I don't simply buy Putin's view entirely either, though I'm sure he's greatly pretending to be more naive than he is.

When he asks why the West is acting as it is, he knows full well why. It is plainly competition for empire for the sake of the various "elites" vying for more wealth, power, and control (stupid, selfish egos) on every side and at the direct expense of non-kleptomaniacs who really ought to be ruling the world.

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