Torture: "CIA vs. Senate: Who Is Obama Protecting?" - YouTube

Elizabeth Goitein: President Obama is protecting senior CIA officials and himself

I don't understand why they don't understand that Obama is still protecting Bush and Cheney, et al.


Tom Usher

I also don't believe the intelligence community would revolt. I think there are plenty of CIA and other officials who would love to see a house cleaning of all the torturers.

It's the Republicans, the neocons, Obama fears, not the CIA. He doesn't want to stand up to them on this issue of torture.

It makes him an accessory after the fact, which in this case is a high crime, a felony, grounds for impeachment and removal. He could, however, issue an official Presidential Pardon, but that would be political suicide. It would severely damage the Democratic Party with a large part of its base that is anti-torture and rightly so. Torture is done by those who've turned into monsters: sick.

Frankly, he should never have been elected. He was a bad choice, just as George W. Bush was a bad choice.

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