Ukraine crisis could strengthen Russia-Iran-China ties - Al-Monitor

This is excellent analysis.

... the mounting pressure on Russia as a result of their conflict with the West over Ukraine, combined with these strategic considerations, may lead the Russians to conclude that shaping an alliance with Iran is the best option to realize their strategic objectives as well as confronting the West. Therefore, it is a safe assumption that if the Ukrainian crisis continues and Iran faces excessive demands and pressure from the West during the nuclear negotiations, Russia will move closer to Iran and the two states could form a power pole in the region. In addition, there is considerable interest in Beijing in strengthening security ties with Russia. This could be an encouraging moment for Moscow-Beijing and Tehran to think about broader cooperation in the region and Asia.

Source: Ukraine crisis could strengthen Russia-Iran-China ties - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

However, Russia, Iran, and China will be cautious and will do everything possible to avoid having to form a mutual-defense pact.


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