France: Parti de Gauche leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Ukraine | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

Sane and sober.

Here is my position in a nutshell. The Ukrainian popular uprising was legitimate. It has been taken over by an illegitimate and illegal government in which the extreme right has four ministers. The revolutionary force of the Ukrainians is not exhausted. The next wave will be anti-European, that is to say hostile to the policies that the EU wants to impose there to recover its banking and financial stake.

Currently the number one issue is to avoid war. This means above all to prevent the partition of the country: we should not touch borders in Europe! Neither here nor anywhere. France should be a mediator. Instead, she is tied behind [Germany's Chancellor Angela] Merkel and the United States. France is discrediting herself by aligning with the Atlanticist position against her own interests. The present Ukrainian regime is very provisional. It will discredit the policy of the European Union in the region and set off new revolutionary waves. Much better to be hit by the shockwave of a people's revolution than by that of war.

Source: France: Parti de Gauche leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Ukraine | Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

I don't agree about borders though. It depends upon what's going on in the larger unit. Secessions are sometimes fully justified. Crimea was wise under the circumstances.

The thugs in Ukraine, Mélenchon mentioned, are a good reason for why Crimea wanted out of Ukraine and to be joined into Russia. The people of Crimea will be far better off under Russia than under the neoliberal Austerians. Just watch.

Even though the IMF has moderated lately, it will still be draconian for Ukraine, which is one reason Mélenchon believes this is far from over, the people revolting.


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