Palestinians Threaten to Resume UN Campaign - ABC News

The Palestinians shouldn't have agreed to stop pursuing full-fledged statehood in the UN in the first place. The Zionists have no intention of coming to a decent agreement. They intend only to maintain their "excuses" for seeking regional hegemony with the aiding and abetting of the stupid US government.

The Palestinians threatened Wednesday to resume their campaign for international recognition at the United Nations if Israel calls off a planned release of Palestinian prisoners, deepening a crisis that has threatened to derail U.S.-led Mideast peace efforts.

Israel pledged to release 104 long-serving Palestinian prisoners in four stages at the outset of the current round of talks last July. The fourth and final release was set to take place by March 29.

But in recent days, Israel has signaled it may not carry out the final release.

Source: Palestinians Threaten to Resume UN Campaign - ABC News


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