Utterly Ridiculous: Warning Russia, Biden says US will defend allies - Businessweek

This is utterly ridiculous.

While repeatedly insisting that Russia's move is illegal and won't be recognized, the U.S. and other world powers have also turned their attention to eastern Ukraine and other areas with large ethnic Russian populations, lest Putin seek additional territory in what some fear could portend a return to Moscow's traditional imperialist ambitions.

Source: Warning Russia, Biden says US will defend allies - Businessweek

Russia has had zero intentions of militarily invading anyone. It has very clearly said that it only seeks to protect Russian people, many of whom happen to live in areas traditionally Russian but were lost in the collapse of the USSR. Georgia (Ossetia) is a case in point. Russia didn't start that conflict during George W. Bush's administration. US neocons and Israeli Zionists did.

All this saber rattling on the US's part is lunacy. I denounce it as such. It is no more intelligent than the false claims that were being made for years that the US had proof that Iran was constructing nuclear weapons, which clearly it was not and still is not. It hearkens back to the deliberate lies (psy-ops; false propaganda) in the lead-up to the attack and invasion of Iraq.

When will the US have grownups for leaders?


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