PressTV - Iran committed to terms of nuclear deal: IAEA

If the Zionists hit Iran under the following circumstances, the Zionists will be all alone in the world. The US government will not back them even if Iran hits the Zionists back, which they would.

In a new monthly update on Thursday, the UN atomic watchdog said two months into the six-month halt, Iran is still not enriching uranium to medium fissile purities, as agreed in Geneva last year.

The IAEA report went on to say that Tehran is also continuing to dilute and convert its stockpile of medium-enriched uranium, and had not made any advances at its Natanz and Fordow nuclear facilities or at the Arak heavy water reactor.

Source: PressTV - Iran committed to terms of nuclear deal: IAEA

The Zionists also won't get away with drumming up false pretexts against Iran. The whole world is onto that game.

The only smart move for the Zionists is to back off and work on a truly democratic solution for Palestine, meaning no "Jewish" state but a real democracy, which could be guaranteed by the international community such that the Jews would not become second-class citizens, just as they aren't second-class in the UK or US and in many other places. Their language, for instance, could remain a state language even if Arabs were to become a majority. Their religious rights could be enshrined in a new constitution also guaranteeing religious freedom for the other religions, just as is done in the US right now.


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