Ukraine + Flight 370 = Bad News for Neocons


For neocons, Ukraine is just the latest center stage for a drama that is always unfolding (more or less) everywhere, a drama pitting strong U.S. leadership against a global collapse into chaos and anarchy. Those are the only two alternatives neocons can see. And to them it looks like a matter of life or death.

Apparently the rest of America no longer sees it that way. That's the bad news for the neoconservatives.

To understand what's at stake here for the neocons and for the rest of us, let's look briefly at the history of their movement.

Neoconservatism crystallized in the late 1960s, when it had little concern about foreign affairs at all. As its intellectual godfather Irving Kristol wrote: "If there is any one thing that neoconservatives are unanimous about, it is their dislike of the [American] counterculture."

Read the article to see how Flight 370 fits in. Ukraine + Flight 370 = Bad News for Neocons

My reading of the neocons is that they came out from Trotsky's Universal or Global Revolution versus Stalin's Revolution in One Country.

The neocons became disillusioned with Marxism but retained Trotsky's view that the revolution (this time capitalistic-democracy with a social-conservative bent rather than a revolution of, by, and for the socialist-proletariat first) must be waged everywhere and even all at once.

Isn't it interesting that Putin is a social conservative, mixed-economy capitalists. He's probably exactly what they are fighting for while they also fight against him. Do they know this? Of course they do. So why do they fight him? Dominance.

The neocons are Zionists. Their intention is that Jews of a particular mind-set (theirs) rule the world and rule it absolutely.

I don't say that to be anti-Jew. I'm not anti-Jew any more than I'm anti Anglo-Saxon. I'm anti any ethnic group lording it over any other simply because that domineering group took, or takes, power by violence.

If any group wants to dominate, let it be so good that the whole world rightly defers to it's judgments. Such is not the case with the Zionists and neocons.


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