Washington Post's Anti-Putin Group Think | Consortiumnews

The linked article by Robert Parry is great. As I told my friend, Roland Jesperson, who turned me on to it, I couldn't agree more with it.

Not since Feb. 6, 2003, the day after Secretary of State Colin Powell wowed the world with his slam-dunk speech "proving" that Iraq was hiding WMD, has the Washington Post's editorial section shown this unity of "group think." On Thursday, the Post presented a solid phalanx of denunciations directed at Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Read Robert's article here: WPost's Anti-Putin 'Group Think' | Consortiumnews.

See also my post of yesterday, which I believe comports with Robert Parry's views.

There's also this: Utterly Ridiculous: Warning Russia, Biden says US will defend allies - Businessweek.


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