Constitutional Crisis: CIA/NSA Wrong Doing, Investigate a la Church Committee, Impeach, Remove

This may be necessary if the currently formulated US Senate won't rein in the executive branch/Imperial Presidency. Frankly, impeachment proceedings have been in order for years now, just as they were in order concerning George W. Bush. Of course, such proceedings must begin in the House. Why haven't they?

Burt Wides, a former chief investigator for the Church Committee, who helped create the Senate and House intelligence committees, says these oversight bodies are now too entwined with the intelligence agencies; further reason for an independent committee is President Obama will not pursue an investigation into the actions taken during the Bush/Cheney administration's 'war on terror'.

In twin letters sent Wednesday to the Justice Department and the Central Intelligence Agency, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid renewed charges of unconstitutional CIA spying on the Senate, first made in a speech March 11 by the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Dianne Feinstein.
The US media is playing a critical role in support of the Obama administration and the spy agency, with press coverage generally portraying the conflict between the Senate and the CIA as a Washington "power struggle," which is "arcane in its particulars" and of no great significance—"spat" and "tussle" were two of the words used to describe what is one of the most blatant violations of constitutional norms since the Iran-Contra and Watergate affairs.

The New York Times, which generally sets the agenda for the television networks and the rest of the corporate-controlled media, relegated its report on the Reid letter to the bottom of page A17, the very last item in its coverage of national news on Friday.

Constitutional conflict escalates between US Senate and CIA


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