Putin, Mostly Right and Obama, All Wrong. Here's Why.

It is my view that the current "Western" attacks on Russia are primarily over political Zionism, hyper-privatization, homosexuality, ethnicity, and religion. These are a jumble of "causes." Their proponents do not march in lockstep to their goals. They are cooperating for the sake of attempting to take Russia down again.

I previously addressed this mostly in a short article: Neocons, Zionists, So-Called Gays, Out to Get Putin and Russia.

Other articles and links I've provided about Russia and Ukraine and which support my thesis are generally as follows (article continues below this short list):

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The hyper-privatization aspect is demonstrated in the following two videos, which I recommend you watch:

â–¶ The Rise of Putin and The Fall of The Russian-Jewish Oligarchs (1/2) - YouTube

â–¶ The Rise of Putin and The Fall of The Russian-Jewish Oligarchs (2/2) - YouTube

"Jewish Oligarchs" is not said to be anti-Jewish. It is simply a fact. If they had been Germans, they'd have been described as "German Oligarchs." It's that simple. This is not to say that there is nothing in some forms of Jewish culture that promotes hyper-privatization. There is. Usury is a way of life for the "elite" of the Jews. This is not exclusive to Jews. By usury, I am not referring to high interest-rates deemed "illegal" by secular states. I'm referring to interest, period, regardless of rate, it's original meaning before they euphemized the term.

You'll note that in the second video, Vladimir Putin's actual thinking concerning the raping of Russia is not given. The plutocrats (they weren't really oligarchs) are shown in a somewhat sympathetic light they have never deserved. Vladimir Putin literally saved Russia from them.

To round out the information a bit a without reinventing the wheel, here's a recent video by a man of Jewish ethnic extraction (regardless of the Khazarian "debate"; and I don't even know his background vis-a-vis Ashkenazi DNA) calling himself Brother Nathanael.

While I don't subscribe to Christian militarism in any form to any degree other than spiritual warfare, Brother Nathanael's video is correct in characterizing the current Western attacks on Russia as religious and largely due to sexual depravity in certain Jewish sectors having been systematically imbued into the American consciousness in a way that has literally brainwashed much of America into exactly what Mr. Putin expressed (making good and evil equal), which is stated in the video and in this post in greater detail: Putin Rejects Equality of Good & Evil, Seeks to Conserve Traditional Families, Religious Life, Spirituality, Humanism.

The fact of sodomy's (and other homosexual behaviors), incorrectness and always ultimately being a choice that can be, and should be, voluntarily refused, is covered at length elsewhere on this site, as are many other issues. It is not genetically or epigenetically determined, and choosing to engage in it is sexual anarchy and hedonism and always unwholesome. You may have been misled about these points and fallen for the false-propaganda of the heathens (including those who've attempted to twist the Christian New Testament into accepting sodomy and other homosexual acts), but it is never, and I mean absolutely never, too late to turn away from it.

With this, I will reiterate that Vladimir Putin is mostly right where Barack Obama is most decidedly wrong.

If the US goes to war against Russia as things currently stand and where Russia is still standing against the idea of utter moral-relativism, where there are no absolute truths and is no objective reality concerning the same, I announce here and now that I side with Russia, not that I am pro such wars ever. I simply do not want to see depravity prevail in the world and will count Mr. Putin's physical fight against it as the lesser evil and Mr. Obama's and his followers as the greater evil, in keeping with the words of Jesus Christ:

For the banksters: "Which devour widows' houses, and for a pretence make long prayers: these shall receive greater damnation." (Mark 12:40)


Tom Usher

The following is apparently no longer available. There is no copyright-protection statement available on it that we found:

The Khodorkvosky Affair

Considerable publicity in Britain greeted the recent decision by Russian President Vladamir Putin to investigate the business activities of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, one of the multi-billionaires frequently held up by the British media as paragons of the new 'enterprise' culture of Russia. Who is Khodorkovsky and what lies behind Putin's move against him? The following is a slightly abridged version of a radio broadcast on the subject given on the programme American Dissident Voices on the 1st November. There have also been minor deletions to the text as an insurance against prosecution under United Kingdom laws which make it a criminal offence to speak or write disparagingly of certain ethnic groups. American Dissident Voices can be reached at www.natvan.com In an astounding coincidence, on the very day last week's American Dissident Voices programme on the Jewish oligarchs who dominate Russia, 'Russia Struggles to Live' was released, the 25th of October 2003, the Russian struggle for freedom reached a crucial moment with the arrest of one of those Jewish oligarchs, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The Jewish oligarchs - and nearly all of the oligarchs are Jewish, not Russian - are a group of super-rich parasites who managed to obtain most of the natural resource and institutional wealth of Russia at rock-bottom prices during rigged privatisation auctions during the internationalist Yeltsin regime in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. Russian President Putin has been taking measures to rein in the power of the oligarchs, and two of the most notorious - Boris Berezovsky and Vladimir Gusinsky - have been forced to flee the country to avoid prosecution. Berezovsky currently hides in Britain, Gusinsky in Greece. Khodorkovsky's private jet was surrounded Saturday by camouflaged Russian Special Forces who arrested the Jewish billionaire in a dramatic confrontation at a Siberian airport. Khodorkovsky had failed to appear at a hearing, and his business associates had told the courts that he could not attend because he was on a business trip.

A man of many enterprises

Khodorkovsky, the head of oil conglomerate Yukos and many other enterprises, had vowed that he would not go into exile, as have fellow Jewish oligarchs Boris Berezovsky and Vladimir Gusinsky. Berezovsky has been granted 'political asylum' by Britain, and Gusinsky is hiding in Greece, where so far the government there has refused to extradite him to face charges in Russia. Realists point out that a billionaire might have a fairly easy time persuading low-level bureaucrats to do his bidding in most countries, Greece included. Khodorkovsky's plan was to use his wealth and influence to fund and promote Russian president Vladimir Putin's political opponents - but it looks like that strategy was too little, too late, and the wealthiest man in Russia (his fortune reportedly tops eight billion dollars) will now have to face charges relating to his extremely questionable financial dealings. The prosecutor's office announced: "The head of Yukos is incriminated on committing a series of crimes, including theft by fraud on a large scale and the failure to pay taxes as an organisation and as an individual." He has also been charged with failure to abide by a court decision, fraud, forgery and embezzlement, according to wire service reports.

Questionable deals

The Associated Press, with unusual candour for them, stated that "The 40-year-old Khodorkovsky, whose wealth was estimated by Forbes magazine (search) at $8 billion, is one of the most prominent of Russia's so-called 'oligarchs' - men who made huge, quick fortunes after the collapse of the Soviet Union by acquiring state property at low prices in deals whose ethics came under question. The oligarchs are greatly resented by large numbers of Russians who did not benefit from the privatisation of state property." AP just happened to forget to mention that practically all of these oligarchs are Jews, not Russians. Khodorkovsky's ideological flip-flops are astounding - he once held a high position in the Young Communist League. His position there gave him entree into the circles needed to make some of his early deals for state property, which his detractors say he obtained for essentially nothing, using state money to cancel his private debt. His single-minded and less than ethical pursuit of wealth has even been criticised by some of his supporters. The head of Russia's Union of Entrepreneurs, Arkady Volsky, recently said that: "Indeed, earning $8 billion in just eight years is a bit over the top." After the arrest, the press announced that Russia's "business lobby" (likely a euphemism for the representatives of moneyed Jewish interests) wanted to meet with prosecutors and the Russian president to "discuss matters." President Vladimir Putin absolutely refused. BBC News reported: "Mr Putin broke his silence over the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, chief executive of oil giant Yukos, after a lobby of the country's business leaders publicly called for a meeting with the president." "There will be no meetings, no horse-trading with regard to the law-enforcement bodies," was Mr Putin's firm remark as reported by Interfax. Just like the United States Government is often the only one voting with Israel in the United Nations, so also is the US government the only one so far voicing condemnation of Khodorkovsky's arrest. The US ambassador to Russia, Alexander Vershbow, was quoted in the Taipei Times, Britain's Guardian and other papers saying how the arrest could "negatively affect" foreign investment in Russia, going on to claim that the laws are being "used selectively" by Putin to harm Khodorkovsky.

Servant of Jewish interests

Who is Alexander Vershbow? For one thing, he has staunchly defended Khodorovsky's Yukos oil firm before, during the prelimary stages of the investigation, when he couldn't possibly have known enough to determine guilt or innocence. And, although I have been unable to verify Vershbow's ethnic background, his written record indicates that one of his main interests as ambassador is ensuring that Jewish interests come first in Russia and in promoting the Jewish version of 'racial diversity' in that land. Vershbow has received the 'Anatoly Sharansky Freedom Award' from the Union of Councils of Soviet Jews for his efforts. That's the sort of man put in the ambassdor's position by the neo-con Jews who currently rule Washington through Bush and Co. Just three days after Putin's move against Khodorkovksy, the Jewish-owned establishment paper the Washington Post weighed in with what might be fairly said to be the system's take on the Khodorkovsky affair. And it's more extreme and vicious than even I imagined it would be - it constitutes a virtual re-establishment of the Cold War against Russia and the total condemnation of the Putin administration. It attempts to get conservatives and liberals alike to join in hating Putin and the new Russia: brain-dead conservatives because Putin formerly worked for the KGB, and because the current police agencies are its successors, and such imagery is almost as good as the fake atrocity stories published to get right-wing Americans to hate Iraqis; sentimental liberals because Putin is seen as reasserting Russian nationhood, and such a thing is almost as bad as the ultimate sin, racism, and is a threat to pluralism, diversity, and all the rest of the non-existent mental constructs that liberals worship. The Post's article is by neo-con hack and former Lockheed Martin lobbyist and vice president Bruce Pitcairn Jackson, who serves the Jews through his board seat on the Project for the New American Century, a pro-war Zionist front group which planned the conquest of Iraq years before 9/11, and who also served on the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq set up by the same neo-con crowd, who ten years earlier created its prototype, the Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf, on which Jackson also served. Jackson doesn't appear to be of Jewish ancestry, but he's obviously totally committed to the Zionist agenda and is a significant Gentile force pushing for Jewish interests in Washington's circles of power.

Declaration of war

Jackson's Post article is even titled in a way that conveys the establishment's new declaration of war on Putin now that he has dared to show his hand against the Jews - Jackson calls his piece 'The Failure of Putin's Russia'. Let me read you a few telling passages:-

'The 'crimes'of Khodorkovsky are considerable in the eyes of the special prosecutor and the new regime of former KGB officers who now surround President Vladimir Putin. This has been a year in which independent media and major independent business owners in Russia have been put out of business by the strong-arm tactics of the special prosecutor and the newly vigilant Federal Security Service (FSB), the agency that succeeded the KGB. In a climate that progressive Russian business executives compare to the fearful period of the 195Os, Khodorkovsky made the fatal mistake of expressing political opinions and having the temerity to provide financial support to opposition parties. For those who have not kept up their Russian, 'oligarch' is a term of art for 'rich Jews' who made their money in the massive privatisation of Soviet assets in the early 1990s. It is still not a good thing to be a successful Jew in historically anti-Semitic Russia. Since Putin was elected president in 2000, every major figure exiled or arrested for financial crimes has been Jewish. In dollar terms, we are witnessing the largest illegal expropriation of Jewish property in Europe since the Nazi seizures during the 1930s. 'Unfortunately, the implications of Khodorkovsky's arrest go beyond the suppression of democratic voices and the return of official anti-Semitism. This arrest must be seen in the context of increasingly aggressive, military and extra-judicial actions in Ukraine, Moldova, the South Caucasus and Chechnya. In the past month, Putin has demanded that Ukraine sign a concessionary economic treaty; Russian intelligence services have been detected behind election irregularities in Azerbaijan and Georgia and in influence-peddling in Moldova and Abhazia; and Russian gunboats have confronted the Ukrainian Coast Guard in an illegal attempt to seize a valuable commercial waterway. For the balance of his first term Putin has skilfully taken advantage of America's necessary preoccupations with the war on terrorism and the liberation of Iraq. 'Now Moscow and the capitals of Eastern Europe are watching carefully to see how Washington responds to this latest crackdown. If the United States fails to take a hard line in response to such a high-visibility arrest, chauvinists in the Russian Ministry of Defence and the FSB will correctly conclude that there will be no meaningful response to the reestablishment of a neo-imperial sphere of influence in the new democracies to Russia's south and west. 'In addition to the expected Cold War thuggery and opportunistic financial seizures, we should expect that the new powers in Russia will rig the crucial elections in Ukraine and Georgia next year and continue to prop up the brutal dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus... If anyone should pay a price for the pursuit of thuggish policies, it is Putin. It's difficult to see why the US Senate would even consider repealing the Jackson-Vanik Amendment, the 1974 legislation under which Russia still must receive an annual waiver from the United States to maintain normal trade relations. On the contrary, Congress should probably consider additional sanctions. The FSB-led attack on Russian business has already cost American shareholders multiple billions in their savings. 'These losses will undoubtedly continue until some element of the rule of law returns to Moscow. The arrest of one man has sent us a signal that our well-intentioned Russian policy has failed. We must now recognise that there has been a massive suppression of human rights and the imposition of a de facto Cold War-type administration in Moscow... Obviously, there will be some in Washington who will argue that all the oligarchs are probably guilty of some unspecified crime or another, and that we would be wise not to jeopardise our relationship with Putin for the sake of one man or one company. But there are some who are probably still waiting for the facts of the Dreyfus case before jumping to conclusions. The rest of us already know that we have been played for fools.

That's pretty strong stuff from neo-con stuffed shirt Bruce P. Jackson. Jackson is using the Post to signal our politicians that the Jews want all-out war on Putin now. And it is likely that our politicians will respond to the Post and to Wolfowitz and Perle's Project for the New American Century like Fido responds to doggie bites. If you read the piece, I'm sure you noticed that Jackson put the word 'crimes' in scare quotes when referring to the charges against Khodorkovsky, and saw that in Mr. Jackson's newspeak, the word 'Jewish' can also be pronounced 'progressive' or 'independent'. And he doesn't even hide the fact that he's plumping for the interests of billionaire Jews - that's right out in the open, though he couches it in terms of the largely-exaggerated sufferings of Jews during World War II and the 19th century Dreyfus case in France, mythic images to Jews and Christian Zionists, and a sure signal that the Jewish establishment is now pulling out all the stops against Putin.

Independent force

To me, that strengthens my impression that Putin, whatever his personal ambitions, is a real independent force and now stands for Russian national liberation from the Jews. Whatever Jewish connections he may have had in the past are obviously doing him little or no good now, and may have been merely stepping stones, political attachments of a purely temporary nature, used specifically and only to get himself into a position where he could shed them and work independently. Americans may soon have to forget all about Saddam Hussein as the 'new Hitler' just as they quickly forgot about Osama and Milosevic and Gaddafi and Khomeini and all the rest of the erstwhile opponents of Jewish international conquest - because a new man has appeared on the scene to fill that role, a man of enormous popularity among his own people, leader of a huge country with almost limitless resources, a nation which is a nuclear power in its own unquestioned right, and a country which, like the United States, has veto power at the United Nations. Will the American people, already weakened and disheartened by the unending Zionist debacle of death in Iraq, fall for a new Jewish crusade - this time against Russia? I can tell you this: The National Alliance will be speaking out - every day and everywhere - to make sure we do not.

Russia's Seven Richest Men

  • Mikhail Khodorkovsky (Jewish), 40: worth £4.72 billion and Russia's richest man. Head of Yukos and critic of Vladamir Putin. Arrested on October 25th, charged with fraud and tax evasion and faces up to 10 years if convicted.
  • Roman Abramovich (Jewish), 37: worth £3.3 billion. Governor of Chukotka, in the Far East. Recently merged his Sibneft oil company with Yukos and is cashing in his assets. Came to British attention buying Chelsea FC this summer.
  • Mikhael Fridman (Jewish): worth £2.54 billion. Co-founder of the Alpha group banking and owns part of TNK, the oil giant that recently began a joint venture with BP - the largest single British investment in Russia.
  • Boris Berezovsky (Jewish), 57: worth £1.77 billion. Once the most powerful oligarch, fled Russia nearly three years ago after falling out with Putin. Soviet-era mathematician who has owned a car dealership, a media empire, Aeroflot and vast oil and aluminium holdings. Granted asylum in Britain in September and now deals in London property.
  • Vladamir Potanin (Russian), 42: worth £944 million. Head of Interros Group, a media, banking and heavy metals empire. Its Norilsk Nickel subsidiary controls the world's largest nickel and palladium deposits. Former deputy prime minister.
  • Oleg Deripaska (Jewish), 35: worth £885 million. Aluminium tycoon. Controls Gaz, Russia's largest car maker, several bus plants and a quarter of Aeroflot. Close to the family of Boris Yeltsin.
  • Vladamir Guzinsky (Jewish) 53: once worth more than £250 million. Former theatre director who became rich developing Moscow. Later built up Media Most, a media and banking empire. Arrested and stripped of his assets after falling out with Putin. Now lives in exile between America and Israel.The facts here are taken from a report in the Sunday Times of November 2nd. The one thing missing in the ST report is the race of the tycoons in question, which has been added in this version.
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