German-left leader, Gregor Gysi, more sense than Obama, Merkel â–¶ Ukraine - YouTube

Instead of finding common ground with Russia, the West continues to escalate tensions with inefficient sanctions and rhetoric while provocatively supporting the illegitimate Kiev government, German Left opposition leader Gregor Gysi told RT.

Gregor Gysi, is making vastly more sense than Obama and Merkel, et al.

Gysi appears to believe exactly as I do that the Western Atlanticists made a huge mistake at the fall of the USSR. I remember the discussions at the time of getting rid of NATO. It was a very good idea. If things had been handled correctly back then, Russia and the US could practically have merged by now. There wouldn't be any nuclear weapons left pointing at each other. Trade, etc., wouldn't be competitive but cooperative. Everything would be better than it is now. So, why didn't it happen?

They say George H. W. Bush was thwarted when he wanted to start pursuing greater integration with Russia. Well, he certainly waited way too long to get rolling in that direction. He didn't strike while the iron was hot.

Update: Here's a speech by Gregor Gysi of March 13, 2014. I can't say I agree with it in total, but it's so much better than what I hear from Barack Obama and his ilk.

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