Is Crimea's Shift the First of a Long Series ? | "Before our eyes"

Thierry Meyssan:

... President Bush Sr. , advised by Condoleezza Rice, took the oral commitment that no member of the Warsaw Pact would be accepted into NATO. In reality, East Germany was de facto accepted, by its simple accession to West Germany. And the door being open, now 12 former USSR and Warsaw Pact member states acceded and others have been waiting to join the Alliance.
Washington, being deprived of its competitor, launched into world conquest, globalized the economy and installed a new order.

Source: Is Crimea's Shift the First of a Long Series ? | "Before our eyes"

George H. W. Bush's miscalculations (not literally rushing to the aid of Russia, not helping Gorbachev to intelligently transition Russia to a mixed economy rather than allowing the alcoholic Yeltsin to come to power, ruining Russia, ushering in the dreaded mostly Jewish Oligarchs under laissez-faire capitalism) and then the neocon/Zionists' actions designed to capitalize upon those gigantic errors has caused the current, pathetic, global state of affairs.

I was totally opposed to Bush's foot dragging at the time. It was amazingly stupid for someone with so much foreign-policy experience.

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