Snowden effect: White House, Hill offering reforms -

Telecoms were silent? That's not surprising given how they all caved in to the NSA with one exception (Qwest, later purchased by CenturyLink), whose CEO, Joseph Nacchio, went to prison on trumped up charges but really for not caving in.

Snowden effect: White House, Hill offering reforms -"We will continue working with both Congress and the administration to advance meaningful legislative reform as set forth in our principles — specifically, we support reform that prohibits bulk data collection of Internet communications, promotes transparency, avoids conflicting international laws, and respects the free flow of information globally," the Reform Government Surveillance coalition said in a statement. The group's members include Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and other firms.

Phone companies — the firms most likely to be affected by any regime change — stayed silent on the proposals.

Source: Snowden effect: White House, Hill offering reforms -

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