Conspiracy Theories and Cass Sunstein's Dangerous Ideas About Them

Update 1

Watch this first.

There are two types of people on their side: flat-out liars and people who really haven't looked into World Trade Center Building 7. Anyone who isn't a liar and who's looked into Building 7 comes away from it at the very least saying that it's disturbing that it's the only steel-frame building in the history of the world that fell down at free-fall speed exactly like good controlled-demolition jobs (but allegedly from a couple of office fires and a bit of exterior damage from the fallen towers).

Also, the alleged Obama Birth Certificate was shown to have been layered in a program such as Photoshop. The image wasn't flattened. Layer upon layer was built up to create the image of a Birth Certificate. An image of an original paper certificate would not be layered in the first place. It would not even have to go through the flattening step to make it appear genuine.

So, are those two liars or just fools who after over a dozen years, haven't ever even checked into Building 7?

Well, Cass Sunstein is definitely a neocon, a Zionist. Think about it. They worship Machiavelli.

Have you read Machiavelli's The Prince? I have. Machiavelli was a rat. No, that's actually unfair to rats.

The neocons are the ones who lied the US into the invasion and occupation of Iraq so they could enrich themselves via war-profiteering and oil contracts afterwards.

Sunstein's wife is Samantha Power, US Ambassador to the UN. She's been instrumental in helping to create the current mess in Ukraine, where the US spent some $5 billion to make a revolution and is now whining that Putin has Crimea, as if there are rules in revolutions where the revolutionaries are openly neo-Nazis starting shooting-violence against police officers. They whine about how Putin acted in opposition to the Ukrainian Constitution that called for legal impeachment proceedings rather than violent revolution for regime change. The hypocrisy and stupidity is amazing.

The female (Alex Wagner) may simply be intellectually lazy — too lazy to have ever bothered actually looking into details of the issues from the other side (something all good journalists always do; they never rely on just one side of the story when they don't have to).


Tom Usher

Here are two posts that reiterate pretty much things that I written on this site over the years. I haven't honed in on Cass Sunstein before but have covered the neocons, 9/11, and other subjects at length:

1) Terrific: "University of Chicago Neo-Nazi Neo-Cons: Obama, Nuland And Ukraine," by Francis Boyle.

2) It starts off a bit slow and angry, but read through to the end because while I don't believe every point is cut and dried the way the author does, it's overall thesis and many of its statements concerning hugely important historical events are right on and quite factually correct/supported/substantiated: "Cass Sunstein Is Not Only Evil, He Is Really Quite Cognitively Impaired."

See also: Tom's take on: "Call to Artists on Crimea Echoes Soviet Ways -"

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