Exclusive Interview, Imprisoned Saudi Princesses, Despot Father

If the following video is correct, their father, the King of Saudi Arabia, hates some of his daughters and is being absolutely monstrous towards them. It's time for Arabia to be free of such a tyrannical and absolute monarchy.

... the daughters of the king of Saudi Arabia speak out about being locked away for years.

It's such a shame. They seem like intelligent, lovely, and sincere young women. Of course, we can't judge everything from one video, but they certainly shouldn't be their father's prisoners.

In the meantime, Barack Obama meets with their father, all smiles (selling high-tech weaponry by the tens of billions to the tyrant), and at the same time, criticizes Vladimir Putin for standing up against a US/NATO-neocon-funded violent revolution and as if Russia militarily invaded Crimea against the desires of the vast majority of Crimeans and as if Russia wasn't already there.

Also, let's not forget that this King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is funding the military dictatorship of Egypt and also al-Qaeda types fighting in Syria. He's funding el-Sisi (the military dictator of Egypt) because Abdullah feared the Muslim Brotherhood's republican form of government. The Brotherhood doesn't want kings heading up Islamic countries. He's funding al Qaeda types but only where those fight against even greater enemies of his. President Assad of Syria is in league with the Shiites, whom the Sunni Abdullah hates even more than he does the republican Brotherhood. The top Shiite country is Iran, which also doesn't want kings but is rather currently headed by a religious leader.

This Abdullah will do anything to retain his and his tribe's absolute dictatorship over Saudi Arabia. Abdullah is even working closely with the Zionists because Hamas in Gaza/Palestine is related to the Brotherhood (and is backed by Assad and the Iranians, who aren't even Arabs but Persians). He'll work against his fellow Arabs and with Zionists and US and UK neocons, who all loathe his Arab guts (yes, they are racists/ethnic bigots), just so he may cling to despotic power.

Now he'll even try squeezing more oil from under the land to drop the global price to punish Russia for backing Assad against Islamic sharia-fundamentalists who have no qualms about beheading people left and right who simply don't want to be under extremely harsh, sharia-fundamentalist, absolute dictatorship.

Should the US be fighting the Russians, or should it work to team up with them and to get straight.

Truth: The world is mostly being run by greedy idiots, and their strategically placed and well-paid minions in media cover for them.


Tom Usher

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