Islamophobic for cause? "Indonesia Bans Noah Film Amid Fears of 'Provoking Reaction' | Persecution News"

You see the term Islamophobic bandied around as a pejorative.

... Indonesia has become the latest in a line of majority Muslim nations to ban screenings of a new Hollywood film depicting the Biblical story of Noah. Typically regarded as an example of a religiously diverse and tolerant Muslim-majority democracy, in recent years major incidents have indicated that the nation of 250 million is becoming increasingly hostile towards religious minorities, including Christians. In 2012, at least 50 Christian churches were forcibly closed by local governments after protests by radical Islamic groups.

Source: Indonesia Bans 'Noah' Film Amid Fears of 'Provoking Reaction' « Persecution News

Is there really nothing to fear from Islam, or are there just hundreds of millions of self-styled Muslims out there who aren't really adhering to the teachings of their prophet, Mohammed? If it's the latter, how does the world go about re-educating so many people who profess Islam while they persecute Christians against Mohammed's teachings? Perhaps though, it's the former. Perhaps Mohammed's teachings are ambiguous. Afterall, his words that he said came from the archangel Gabriel say to also kill the infidels. If he only meant those who violently attack Muslims, then why are Muslims (who know that) losing the argument against those others claiming to be Muslims who force Christian houses of worship to be shut down?

Until the debate is completely won by those who are opposed to religious persecution against those who are not harming others, I think there will remain good reason to be concerned about things done in the name of Islam that seem to be generally accepted by the vast majority of those professing Islam around the world.


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