Donald Rumsfeld lying: Saddam Hussein, 9/11

The neocon-Zionist liar, Donald Rumsfeld, said Saddam was lying when Saddam was telling the truth (and Rumsfeld knew it).

Moral of the story: Neocon-Zionists are huge liars. Always work to check out what they are saying if you aren't sure rather than just believing them.

Now, what have the neocon-Zionists been saying against Vladimir Putin and the Russian people? Do you believe those neocons? I don't. That doesn't mean that Putin isn't guilty of spinning things, but he is certainly vastly more credible than any neocon I have ever heard or read.

Furthermore, why is Barack Obama shielding Donald Rumsfeld, and the other war criminals of the Bush/Cheney administration, concerning torture and other war crimes?

More importantly, why are the American people allowing Obama to get away with it when Obama has zero constitutional power to pardon or aid and abet international war crimes.

He should be impeached and remove for "looking forward" when he should have been preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution against domestic enemies.


Tom Usher

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