Homosexual-Supremacist Warpath: "How Silicon Valley trolled Mozilla's CEO out of office"

How long will it be before the homosexuals start trying to send people to re-education camps? Actually, they've already done things very close to that in various schools around the country. They aren't quite Stalinistic "camps" yet, but give them a few months (at the rate they're going): fascists!

Yes, I'm using the term colloquially. That's perfectly acceptable (unless you're a snob). This isn't a formal essay.

Most importantly, do you remember what happens when people get sick of fascists? I'm not threatening anyone. I'm a pacifist, but not everybody is.

Frankly though, when it comes to the right to physically fight for the right to sodomize each other versus freedom of religious conscience without being denied the right to make a living, I'll side with the religious.

I know Mozilla violated Brendan Eich's civil rights: his first amendment rights. If he were to sue Mozilla for it, I wouldn't blame him. I'd blame Mozilla and all the vindictive, irrational, unreasonable, homosexual supremacists who worked to drive him out.

How Silicon Valley trolled Mozilla's CEO out of office | VentureBeat | Entrepreneur | by Dylan Tweney

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