Middle East peace deal: Mahmoud Abbas wasting time

Middle East peace deal: Mahmoud Abbas wasting timeHe must now choose between two options: expanding the drive for recognition in international organisations or coming to an agreement to extend the peace negotiations. The first course means moving away from talks that brought him little more than Israeli settlement expansion and nothing to show his people in the way of tangible gains towards statehood. There are major problems with this strategy, though. White House opposition to it could thwart a Palestinian bid for UN member state status. An even greater problem, as the Israeli political scientist Menachem Klein noted yesterday, is that gaining membership in international bodies "can be a symbolic gain but it won't help the situation on the ground".

In the view of Talal Awkal, a columnist for Al-Ayyam newspaper, Mr Abbas is still interested in extending the negotiations. "I don't think we are seeing revolutionary change; he sees his main option as to go again to the negotiations," he said. "His decisions this week are no more than messages to the Israelis and Americans that he has demands." But there is no assurance that the message will be acted upon in Jerusalem and Washington.

Source: Middle East peace deal: Mahmoud Abbas's choice – membership of the UN, or extend the negotiations - Middle East - World - The Independent

Mahmoud Abbas is wasting time. Palestine should go all out with all the UN recognition and status upgrades it can get. It should go for it all and not look back. If the US were to block things, the negative PR would harm the US deeply. The US doesn't want that. As for the Zionists, it doesn't matter what they think or do. They're going to be evil regardless. Let the non-Zionist Jews in the world stand up to them and expose the evil that is Zionism to the world. That will continue swinging world public opinion away from the war-criminal Zionists' claimed right to steal Palestinian land and to hold on to it.


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