America: Most corrupt democracy money can buy - English

America: Most corrupt democracy money can buy - English pravda.ruDavid R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Russia's Pravda, rips the US Supreme Court justices who formed the majority on the court in McCutcheon v. FEC.

Hoffman pretty much says the plutocrats are completely in charge now due to the Supreme Court. Is there any doubt?

It's official! Thanks to five reprobates-Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and Kennedy-who comprise a majority on the United States Supreme Court, America is now the most corrupt democracy money can buy.

What these so-called "justices" did in their 2010 Citizens United decision, and recently in McCutcheon v. FEC, is confirm what many in the legal profession eventually come to realize: The law is nothing but a farcical facade.

America: Most corrupt democracy money can buy - English


Tom Usher

Sure, Pravda is Russian propaganda, but propaganda doesn't have to be based upon falsehoods. It can state the facts and let them speak for themselves, and it can render a reasonable opinion regarding those facts. Hoffman has mostly done the latter.

To be fair, the Constitution of the United States doesn't prevent a plutocracy because it is deliberately left to wide ranging interpretation regarding what does and doesn't constitute equal protection and free speech. Obviously, the plutocrats have more than equal protection regarding their political speech. In the US, money buys listeners and listeners gain more money. It's not a virtuous circle.

We also have those (absolute "free-market" capitalist) who believe that the dollar should be the only ballot or vote (even limited democracy be damned), which would only compound the plutocracy.

Tom Usher

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