A Must Read: "Obama Issues Threats To Russia And NATO -- Paul Craig Roberts"

This is very observant of Paul Craig Roberts.

pcr_256x180Obama's US Trade Representative, who has been negotiating secret "trade agreements" in Europe and Asia that give US corporations immunity to the laws of all countries that sign the agreements, has threatened WTO penalties if Europe's communications network excludes the US companies that serve as spies for NSA. Washington in all its arrogance has told its most necessary allies that if you don't let us spy on you, we will use WTO to penalize you.

Source: Obama Issues Threats To Russia And NATO -- Paul Craig Roberts - PaulCraigRoberts.org

Paul is also astute to tie it in directly with Washington's demands against Russia.

If this keeps up, how long will it be before Europe looks at Russia and sees an ally against the US?

Frankly, I think the Europeans are to weakened by US decadent culture, etc. Europe has lost its way.

Of all the European nations, Russia (with a foot in Europe and another in Asia) seems to be doing the best job, thank God, of not caving into American decadence and perversion. It isn't doing a good enough job, but maybe it will swing into action to clean itself up from the remnants of the Bolshevik's violent revolution against fellow, but vastly more democratic, socialists.


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