Bunkerville, Bundy, Alex Jones, and Bull

Alex Jones ran with the idea that Harry Reid was behind the recent standoff of Cliven Bundy versus the federal BLM in Nevada.

Here's Jones' InfoWars News video on it:

Here's the comment I left on YouTube under that video:

You need to superimpose the planned solar ranch on Bundy's ranch. You want to be sure "the solar farm is going right on his ranch." Otherwise, you're leaving yourselves open to being refuted on that point, making you look careless. The "About" section for video on YouTube should have a link to the documents and the post on InfoWars.com. You should also double check whether the plans are still in play and have been. If they were canceled some time ago and not for reasons of ranchers not giving up the land, that will also make you look unprofessional.

Now here's Thom Hartmann's video on the subject. Note that Hartmann points out that the solar project was not "on" Bundy's ranch/land and that it "fell through."

I think Thom's points are interesting up to where he tries to lead everyone into strong speculation that the Koch brothers are behind the video. They may be, but Thom's drama was a bit much for my tastes.

Alex Jones is still making it sound as if the solar project was planned for Bundy's land.

I'm waiting to see extremely clear land maps on the subject.

There are only so many hours in a day for someone who's not a professional journalist. I must say that were I a pro and on this story, I would have had it all nailed down long ago.

What most people do is spend time working on spinning it rather than on getting the facts. That's why I mentioned professionalism to Alex Jones.

Jones' team and Jones simply wing it too much. They say things are done deals, proof, etc., way too often when they are simply preliminary potential leads (often turning out to be dead ends, which never get mentioned again). It's all so, so cursory — no hard investigative digging for the real details so we'll know the real truth rather than half-truths.


Tom Usher

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