Tom's take on: "What Obama Should Tell Americans About Ukraine - Zbigniew Brzezinski"

Zbigniew Brzezinski is spinning.

Zbigniew_BrzezinskiIf we are to deter the Russians from moving in, we have to convince them that their aggression will entail a prolonged and costly effort.

Source: What Obama Should Tell Americans About Ukraine - Zbigniew Brzezinski - POLITICO Magazine.

Russia has laid out very clearly its basis in international law for the actions it says it will take if Ukraine's current regime doesn't back off and stop attacking Russian ethnics in Eastern and Southern Ukraine.

Under international law, aggression is illegal. The aggressor is not being defensive but offensive. Russia would be defending Russian ethnics from a slaughter. This is the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, which is actually required under the UN, though it has been very selectively employed not to reestablish the peace but rather to further imperialism (US) in its various forms, economic being a prime example. Zbigniew Brzezinski knows this, but I believe he has a vendetta against Russia.

Brzezinski is Polish, and the Poles and Russians have a long history of conflict, most of it ultimately centered on religious differences, the Poles being primarily Roman Catholic and the Russians being mostly Russian Orthodox.

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