Warning: Vladimir Putin Won't Cave In Even if it Means Incinerating Major US Cities

It's hard to argue with the following:

i483eVpDgfcY"The responsibility for what is happening in Ukraine now lies with the people who carried out an anti-constitutional seizure of power, a coup d'etat, and with those who supported these actions and gave them financial, political information and other kinds of support and pushed the situation to the tragic events that took place in Odessa," Putin said in Moscow.

Source: Horror in Odessa as Fire Shatters Jewel of Czarist Russia - Bloomberg.

It's true that Yanukovych wasn't very good at leading Ukraine, but a violent revolution mostly driven by fascists and neo-Nazis backed by the US led by neocons/Zionists has turned out to be much worse. The way to have handled Yanukovych was via constitutional and electoral means, not what has happened.

Vladimir Putin has been very restrained; but make no mistake about it, Russia will not lose a conventional war against the US without resorting to firing off Russia's nuclear arsenal, which can still obliterate every major city in the US and Europe and then some (all major US military bases and aircraft-carrier fleets around the planet). The US does not have the technological capability to stop every Russian nuclear warhead, not even close.

Do Americans and Europeans and Israelis want to be incinerated so fascists and neo-Nazis in Ukraine can ethnically cleans Ukraine of Russian ethnics? If not, they had all better start informing Barack Obama and the neocons to grow up and to stop attempting to thump Vladimir Putin in the chest. The Russian people would likely rather die than become another fascist vassal-state under what would constitute an American Global Empire of, by, and for anti-democratic, neoliberal, crony-capitalist plutocrats destroying the American middle class (rather than lifting the lower class) and impoverishing the nation.


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