McCarthyism's Gone Queer, and Christians Are the New "Reds"

david-and-jason-benhamAfter HGTV pulled the plug on its upcoming reality series Flip It Forward following a controversy surrounding the anti-gay views of its hosts, twins David and Jason Benham have opened up about being ousted from the network.

Source: [Video] 'Anti-Gay' HGTV Hosts Defend Themselves: 'We Love Homosexuals' - Hollywood Reporter.

The brothers obviously think correctly that men sodomizing each other is unwholesome and not conducive to a well-ordered life and society but the opposite.

It's evil that a TV network would refuse to continue with a plan to have them host a show not on homosexuality but on house flipping and just because people who want to go against wholesomeness don't want those who are for it to be able to host such a show.

This is a clear case of homosexual fascism (blacklisting no better than under Joseph McCarthy) and a TV network that caved into it rather than standing with the brothers' free speech and with freedom of religion.

If you disagree, than I suggest that you should also then think that the blacklisted, leftist writers and others back in the day could just have gone on to find something else and tough luck that they were trying to write at a time when there was a Red Scare, just as there's a budding Christian Scare now. After all, they weren't entitled to write shows and Hollywood was "free market" then as now (in a pig's eye).

Hear it: "Are you, or have you ever been, opposed to homosexual marriage?" Fascists!

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