Robert Gagnon: The Bible & Homosexual Practice - The Witness of Jesus on Vimeo

If you have only heard the "liberal" position about Christianity and homosexuality, you owe it to yourself to listen to Dr. Gagnon's explanation of the real Christian position.

Source: Robert Gagnon: The Bible & Homosexual Practice - The Witness of Jesus on Vimeo.

I will add that Jesus spoke directly against both adultery and fornication and in no way could any homosexual have been engaging in homosexuality without engaging in either or both of those things. Homosexual marriage was not legal, and Jesus didn't legalize it, far from it, as Rob Gagnon thoroughly explains.

By the way, you don't have to agree with every one of the most subtle aspects of Professor Gagnon's whole theology to agree with him on the main issue of homosexuality via-a-vis Jesus Christ.

Jesus came and straightened things out (removed hypocrisy) and also made the non-hypocritical commandments tougher in doing so. The more you know, the more is expected of you.

That's why the homosexual "community" actually hates Jesus more than it hates anyone else. That's why homosexuals who claim to love Jesus are amongst the biggest liars and self-deceivers on the planet.

As Rob said, if we didn't love, we wouldn't rebuke.

Also as Rob said, he would want his neighbor to reach down and help him and also to rebuke him when he, Rob, is going astray. That's love.

Love is not harming your brother by performing anal intercourse on him (and it is always harmful). Performing anal intercourse on another male is to extremely hate him. There's no love in it, only hate, only wickedness, only deception and ultimate ruination. Engaging in other supposedly lesser sexual acts, such as oral sex, doesn't get you out of trouble either. It still goes against Jesus's sexual rules.

Repent! Jesus was and is right about homosexuality.


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