Tom Usher on: "Who are the Sandy Hook Truthers?" - YouTube

Thom Hartmann talks with Alex SeitzWald, Political Reporter-The National Journal Website: about people who claim the Sandy Hook School masssacre never happened.

The biggest problem with this video is that it doesn't at all cover proven "conspiracies," such as Operation Gladio (just one of many).

There are paranoid schizophrenics (who are often delusional; not always), but there are also people who are the exact opposite and never see even clearly demonstrated patterns and open proofs.

Was the NSA spying on "everyone"? It certainly gathered info on everyone it could, and it certainly has had many real/actual back doors that have been leaked.

Were those crazy who were saying before the leaks that the NSA had such capabilities and were engaging in such activities? Some might have been simply paranoid schizophrenics where others were simply being highly aware of reality.

Do I believe that every event Alex Jones thinks/says is a government operation actually is? No.

Do I believe that none of the events is (events not yet openly shown to be)? Absolutely not.

Did Building 7 come down from the few fires and minor structural damage? Absolutely not.

Does Hillary Clinton run Boko Haram? No.

Should anyone put it past the CIA to infiltrate Boko Haram to psych them up to do horrendous things to create a pretext for wicked US military and intelligence actions? Definitely not.

Does the US government deliberately lie to the American people? Of course it does. James Clapper wasn't fired by Barack Obama, was he?

Can I say with certainty that no federal governmental agencies had a hand in creating Sandy Hook? No, I can't, and neither can Thom Hartmann nor his guest.

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