AIDS expert fired for telling truth: Homosexual anal intercourse harmful to public health

According to the University of the West Indies in Jamaica:

The majority of HIV and public health experts believe that criminalizing men having sex with men and discriminating against them violates their human rights, puts them at even higher risk, reduces their access to services, forces the HIV epidemic underground thereby increasing the HIV risk.

Source: AIDS Expert Fired for Testifying Gay Sex Is Harmful to Public Health.

Brendan Bain

Professor Brendan Bain

Professor Brendan Bain was fired for speaking truth. The truth is that secondary infections occur in the male-homosexual population not because they have lacked prior educational information and continuing services concerning those infections but despite the information and services. The reason for that is that, that problem is inherent to the male-homosexual condition, which itself is a disease-state. Behavioral exceptions are rare enough to make the rule.

The basis for asserting that males sodomizing each other is their "right" is neither scientific nor medical. It is ideological and diametrically opposed to good public health.

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