Tom Usher's observation on "Crisis of the Eurocrats," by Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman writes:

An alarmingly high fraction of the vote is expected to go to right-wing extremists hostile to the very values that made the election possible. Put it this way: Some of the biggest winners in Europe’s election will probably be people taking Vladimir Putin’s side in the Ukraine crisis.

Source: Crisis of the Eurocrats -


Tom Usher

Just to be clear on Ukraine, the right-wing, Russia, and Putin, Vladimir Putin is opposed to the hardcore right-wing, neo-Nazis. He is, however, what is considered moderately socially conservative.

The real "left" is generally in support of Putin's anti-NATO imperialism and sides with those in Ukraine opposed to the current Kiev regime, with its high concentration of extreme right-wingers and neo-Nazis.

Putin would have gladly become more integrated with Europe had Zionists/neocons not sabotaged the works by trying to own Russia.

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