What to do: "American Jews are running out of patience with Israel - Opinion Israel News | Haaretz"

1620884631... the bafflement – sometimes even the horror – among many American Jews (and other supporters of Israel) as they realize that many Israeli leaders have ceased to actively pursue peace as a critical national security objective and that many Israelis have ceased to cherish it as a value. Many American Jews who are uncomfortable with some of Israel’s more controversial policies and practices are willing to accept them as long as Israel pursues peace.

Without a credible peace process, those policies and practices that seem to fly in the face of Jewish values and of the perception of Israel as a democratic state, become much harder for American Jews to stomach.

Source: American Jews are running out of patience with Israel - Opinion Israel News | Haaretz.

American Jews should come out in the open and tell Israel to make peace or lose their support.

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