HIV+ Lawmaker Resigns to Head AIDS 'Prevention' Group

hivnowClinicians for the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) and NARTH supporters are often asked, “Why would anyone who has homosexual attractions seek help from a licensed therapist to manage or diminish those unchosen feelings?” While there are various motivations that might prompt someone to seek help for their unwanted homosexual attractions, lifestyle choices are sometimes a consideration. Carl Sciortino’s health challenges illustrate their concern.

Here is an obviously intelligent [hmmm], educated man who has lived in a state where gay marriage has been a legal option for more than ten years. He had a partner (at least he did in 2003) and clearly understood the risks associated with non-monogamous gay sexual behavior. Sadly, this well informed adult community leader still contracted HIV and that danger alone should give a same-sex attracted adolescent or young adult a reasonable concern and a rational motivation for exploring all the options that might be available....

Source: HIV+ Lawmaker Resigns to Head AIDS 'Prevention' Group |

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